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Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry are letting fans in on what to expect from their upcoming installment of "CMT Crossroads." 

In an interview with Billboard  the country star and pop singer talk about their connection as artists and how they've found a way to mesh their genres. 

Katy explains that she brought Kacey into the studio last year, but the songs they worked on together never ended up making it to her latest Prism album.  But she says Kacey "struck a chord" in her, and they feel like kindred spirits.  Katy adds that in addition to performing some of her hits on "Crossroads," she'll sing background vocals on Kacey's songs, adding "a little of that country flair." 

The girls also tell Billboard about the upcoming "Prismatic" tour, and Kacey says she's seen Katy naked - a few times! She tells the magazine, "And it won't be the last."

Kacey says her set will have a "storyteller vibe" to it.  Their episode will debut on CMT on June 13th.