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Neal McCoy says in light of the comments and reports he's heard about Trace Adkins' cruise ship incident, he wants to "weigh in" on the matter. 

The singer was among the many country stars taking part in last week's "Country Cruising" trip.  He admits in a new Facebook post:

Adkins was the headliner for "Country Cruising," but after an alcohol-fueled altercation he left the ship early and entered rehab.  McCoy says he understands why fans would be upset over Adkins' departure and the cruise organizers "fudging on the truth at first" about the situation.  But Neal believes the deception "was done to soften the blow of losing Trace," and to buy some time "until everyone could get their arms around exactly what challenges Trace was facing." 

The singer also feels "everybody involved" did "the best they could to keep people happy," and he "was impressed" with the way all the other artists on the cruise handled the matter.  

McCoy adds that Adkins has offered to give fans on the ship free tickets and meet-and-greet passes to his next concert in their area, which he thinks is "a good way to start the mending process" between Trace and his audience. 

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