– There's no official word yet on what caused the horrific crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, but sources close to Rodas' auto shop tell TMZ they believe a steering fluid leak is to blame.

Their evidence: There were no skid marks until right before the point of impact, and the skid marks were straight, indicating Rodas lost steering control just before the crash; and the fire spread quickly in the 
front of the vehicle—indicating a fluid leak, since typically the rear (where the engine is) would burn more quickly.

They also say they saw evidence of a fluid trail leading up to the skid marks.
TMZ also reports that the Porsche was acting up and kept stalling as one of Rodas' employees tried to get it back into the shop—and that's why Rodas ended up behind the wheel. Walker jumped in asking for a ride, because he hadn't driven in the car yet. 

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