My heart may have been left in San Francisco, but my car was not. 

Having lived in San Diego for three years, formerly of New York City, I’m ashamed to admit I have yet to make a voyage to Frisco—a nearly eight-hour drive by car or 30-minute jaunt by flight—to visit friends, tourist hot spots and the Tanner home on “Full House.”

So, as much as my mind, heart and spirit would like to be there, my body--and car—have always stayed in San Diego. 

That’s why I was gobsmacked when I received a letter from LDC Collections – a contracted agent of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – for a parking violation that simply never occurred.

You see, on the eve that I purportedly received a ticket, I was in Chula Vista, San Diego County, enjoying Lionel Richie’s concert. All. Night. Long.

Curiously, I never received any parking violation messages, warning, tickets or notices from San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, but I was jettisoned along to a collection agency, LDC Collections, to simply PAY UP... and pay up quickly before they add another notch to my Experian page. 

As longtime San Francisco resident Stephanie Tanner would say: “How rude.”

A simple look at the complaints on file for LDC Collections with the Better Business Bureau show similar cries of foul play—people who, like me, have NEVER been to San Francisco—have somehow received parking violations on days in which they have documented evidence that they were many miles and hours from the alleged infraction. 

Here’s a special thank you to Foursquare. Without my check-in during Lionel Richie’s concert on June 7, 2014 in San Diego, I may have had a much harder time arguing my way out of a ridiculous, erroneous and unfounded $64 ticket. 

Unfortunately, there are many others like me.

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