Big Frank

I've Gone Fishin' 'til March 18th

And the race in April will be....

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Big Frank

I was born in San Antonio, TX right before Richard Nixon resigned. I was raised in the Free State of McMullen County in the metropolis of Tilden, Texas. I laugh when people tell me they're from a small town. My hometown has 425 people in it and I graduated in a class of 13 students. It doesn't get much smaller than that, and we didn't have a Dairy Queen.I went to college at Texas A&M-Kingsville (A&I) and got a B.S. in Agribusiness (Class of 2000). That is not a very common degree with radio folks, but what the heck. I got my start at KTAI, the college radio station at TAMUK. Here's their website: KTAI 91.1.I've been getting paid to talk on the radio and play music since July, 1996. I've been with K-99 since January, 2000.I'm an 8th generation Texan.I am Leighann's daddy.

This is where I will post all things outdoors.

Some of my favorite hunting links:
Muy Grande Deer contest
Los Cazedores deer contest
Cola Blanca Big Buck contest
Brush Country Big Buck
Texas Trophy Hunters

I enjoy fishing, too.  Check out the monster I reeled in
using my fancy fishing pole in Tilden on the Frio River.
Team Oso Hardcore Wadefishing
David Sike's page


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