SO first can I say I am so dang happy that the thyroid biopsy is over and done with and now I'm on the the next step of getting results. Radiology Associates' staff is so incredibly sweet, you are definetley in good caring hands and the facility itself is top notch! I made serveral videos for you so that you know exactly how it goes down at Radiology Associates. If you have to get a biopsy, X Ray, MRI, Mammogram etc etc you have a choice!! Did you know that?! we go. The videos are in order on how the process is from the moment you walk in door and get prepped and then the biopsy. Dr. Cook, Linda and Diane, Thank you for making me feel at ease when on the inside I was a big ole baby. You are soo good at what you do. I'll stick to the radio bidness!

Click Here for pics of the NEW state of the art PET scan machine. PET scans are used to detect cancer. PET scans are used to help the physician pin point exactly where the cancer is. How INCREDIBLE is that!?!!?!?!?!