WOW! I look in the mirror everyday and I see the changes, but when you put them side by side it is very exciting with a HUGE difference. I want to be clear on one thing. The Laser360 is getting rid of my previous acne scarring, not my acne. I am using PCA Skin care line for the acne. The overall smoothness and thightness of my face is incredible. It's like I am getting a new face. Please watch the videos of me getting the actual lasers and the consult with Sarah in the previous blogs. (They are under this post, scroll down) There is a TON of FREE information.

Have a look at TVV MediSpa's website to see what other AMAZING procedures you can get at TVV MediSpa. I can't say thank you enough.

Isn't this just like WOW! Trust me when I say that THIS WORKS!!!!! Proof is in the pics.

Click Here to see more before/afters

I got this round on June 7th. I get my last one in July. The laser360 is one round of 3 different lasers in a period of 3 months. It is flying by, so don't think that you can't do this. YOU CAN!