One of this stars first jobs in Nashville was flipping burgers at the world-famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. This star got a bird's eye view of the music business through a step-father, who played guitar for George Jones.  _______________


This star is the daddy of two little girls--Preslee and Kinni. His hit reminds him of him and his wife. He says their favorite thing to do is chill out on the couch with glass of wine. ____________________________________________________


A Kenny Rogers show, with Dolly Parton and Alabama on the bill, was the first concert this star ever attended.______________________________________


This country singer sys he turned down the chance to record  "Drink a Beer" before Luke Bryan made it a hit. He's OK with that decision, saying the Luke Bryan's hit found its right home._____________________________________


A 96-year-old Texas woman went to her first-ever concert recently, and it happened to be this stars final concert. The hat this SUPERSTAR threw into the audience during his final show in Dallas was caught by a man named Vernon Fiddler, who plays for the Dallas Stars hockey team. Fiddler's been getting a lot of big offers for the hat but says no deal, he's keeping it. ___________________________


This star overcame his alcohol problems with the help of his mother. He says if she hadn't been praying for him he'd probably be dead. _________________


This Country singer made it onto the cover of Rolling Stone, celebrating the magazine's first country edition. Along with his wife, he's building their dream house on the 700-acre spread he bought just west of Nashville. ___________


This Female country singer says getting her first tattoo -- two Colt 45s with wings -- was the first thing she ever did without consulting her parents because she knew they wouldn't like it. ______________________________________



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