At Countryfest while up on the Cropp Metcalfe side stage, I noticed a young girl right in front of the stage. While I was talking to fans getting ready for Lindsay Ell to perform, I asked her name and how old she is. She said Jayden and that she is 8. I joked with her that she must be in high school. She confessed she's in 2nd grade and Country fest was her very first concert.

Well I can clearly remember mine after all this years and I['ll never forget how special that memory remains. Jayden's dad Eddie wrote to thank me.  None necessary. Eddie's, It's what I do. I love Country music and I love that all of us fans can have so much fun sharing it but this IS one of the sweetest notes I've ever received.



Michael J,

My name is Eddie, my daughter Jayden is the little girl who you got the crowd to say hello to at the side stage.

I just want to thank you for making her first concert experience an AWESOME one! After you gave her the shout out, Lindsay Ell came over and gave her one of her guitar picks! Then about halfway through her set she took the time to come over and ask Jayden personally if she was having a good time.

All because you gave her that special shout out!

You really are one of the best hosts the station has! Thanks again for making my little girls day!!

Eddie Greenhorn