Due to the lengths of our current conflicts, community support of our troops has been decreasing over the past few years. The need for comfort items and snacks continue for our men and women stationed in Afghanistan, Djibouti and Kuwait.  Due to the remoteness of these bases, many service men and women do not have access to purchase needed items.

Throughout the Texas Gulf Coast Region, businesses, individuals, clubs and schools conducted community drives last year. These drives collected much needed and appreciated items for the troops that are stationed in these countries.

This year, with the support of our community, The Red Cross hopes to make this project an even bigger success for our troops.


Food/Snack Items

(Store bought and unexpired items only.)

  Cookies (No chocolate chip)

  Pop Tarts®

  Rice Krispy Treats®

  Granola Bars

  Fruit & Nut Bars

  Hard Candy

  Twizzlers®

  Nuts

  Trail Mix (No chocolate content)

  Snack Crackers

  Chewing Gum

  Beef Jerky

  Drink mixes

  Ramen Noodles (Flat Packages Only)

  Instant Coffee (Single Servings Only)

  Tuna/chicken salad packs

Single Serving Packets ONLY


Personal Hygiene Items

  Lens cleaner wipes

  Toothpaste

  Toothbrush (Individually packaged)

  Deodorant (Non-aerosol)

  Hand Sanitizer Wipes (Individual packets)

  Lip Balm      

  Foot powder

  Shampoo

  Shower Gel

  Mouthwash (No alcohol content)

  Lotion (At least SPF30 & non-scented)

  Pony tail holders (Black, Brown and Blonde only)

  Insect Repellant (Wipes or pump spray)

  Shaving Cream (Non-aerosol)

Travel Size up to 4 oz ONLY


We hope you will join us in gathering comfort items to fill 126 boxes this year. If you would like to sign up for Sending Comfort II, or if you have questions, please contact Loni Maughan, Emergency Services Specialist via email at Loni.maughan@redcross.org, or by calling 361-887-9991.