All relationships hit a rough patch every once in awhile. And when it happens, sometimes we don’t know how to handle it. So here’s some advice for “divorce-proofing” your marriage from an unexpected source: seasoned divorce attorney Cari Rincker.

Be open about your finances - Rincker says people are almost always fighting about money in a divorce. And she says couples need to feel comfortable talking about money and being totally honest to keep things running smoothly in the relationship

Support each other during life events - We all think of infidelity as the top cause for divorce, but she says it’s usually tied to a life event - such as losing a job or a major illness. Couples who support each other during a challenge have a better chance of making it.

Don’t be afraid to seek out a therapist - There’s no shame in getting counseling, as a couple or alone. Talking it out can really help, together or separately.

Don’t forget you’re on the same team - When you’re not working well together, try to strengthen your unity. One surprising thing that helps is spending time alone to establish independence. And making time for regular date nights is important, too.

Actively listen while your S.O. talks - Communication is key and really listening isn’t just sitting there waiting until it’s your turn to talk.

Don’t forget it’s the little things that count - Get this: Rincker says the number one day for divorce is the day after Valentine’s Day, she says it’s called “D-Day!” Couples are just disappointed and call it quits. So don’t let that happen to you! Take the time and energy to show you care, all the time, not just Valentine’s Day. And the little things, like an “I love you” text can make a big difference.

Source: PureWow