Big Frank, Brooke Hester, and CoCo

Tuesday morning, we were honored to have Brooke Hester come by K-99.  If you don’t know Brooke, from her website it says: “Up until her shocking diagnosis with cancer in November 2010, Brooke was a regular happy, healthy little girl.  Her battle with Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer has led her down the path of hope to find cures, and we hope you will visit her website to learn more about her journey and discover why Blossoming Hope now exists to make a bigger difference for other children globally fighting all kinds of pediatric cancer.”  That site is by the way.  Well they are having the BE BOLD ~ GLOW GOLD run/walk on August 30 and it is a unique and special community event to raise funds and awareness with Brooke's Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation for the month of September, honoring all pediatric cancers with the gold ribbon.  More info on the event is below (click the poster to visit their Facebook page).

Listen below to hear her amazing singing ability live on the air.