If you’ve been following Brad Paisley on Twitter (@BradPaisley), you know that he’s been “going rogue,” enlisting the help of celebrity friends and tweeting links to the music from his new album, Moonshine in the Trunk, which, incidentally, doesn’t come out until next Monday. Along the way, Brad’s been confounding his record label and poking fun at them in a big way, tweeting e-mails and photos and sparing no one, particularly good-natured Sony Music Nashville Chairman and CEO Gary Overton. Well, vengeance can be sweet, as the man everyone knows as Gary O decided to fire back this evening with a personal message to country radio that said:


Well, I’ve seen how much fun everyone is having with this whole Brad Paisley leaking moonshine thing. Much of it has been at mine and the label’s expense. But to show you we’re good sports, we want to encourage you and your listeners to contact him if you’ve enjoyed this and say “thanks for the fun times.”


So feel free to give his personal email address: voxontherun@gmail.com  – to your listeners and friends tomorrow morning and encourage them to write him. He loves personal connections. I’m sure he’d just love to hear from everyone.




Gary Overton

Chairman & CEO

Sony Music Nashville