Store Selling Individual Strawberries For $21 Each

Sure, produce can get pricey, but a supermarket in Hong Kong is taking it to a whole new level. City'Super is selling strawberries flown in from Japan individually packaged...for $21 a pop. 

Mind you, the packing isn't gold plated. Instead, each of the "fresh by air" "Kotoka strawberry gift box" berries comes placed on a styrofoam nest with plenty of synthetic straw to fill out the box. 

A photo of the gift box has gone viral in China and now City'Super has explained the product was meant to be a Valentine's Day gift option. "We are hoping to bring more choices of premium fresh produce to Hong Kong customer," they explain. "From Kotoka, the strawberries are considered as delicacies of limited quantity and they are handpicked to ensure only the highest quality ones are harvested."

Source: Metro

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