An Oregon Town Is Up For Sale

Looking to move but don't want a regular old house? How about the whole town? For $3.5-million you can have just about all of Tiller, Oregon. 

Once a bustling town, Tiller, which sits 230-miles south of Portland, was all but abandoned after environmental regulations prevented logging on federal forest lands. Now you can have six houses, the general store and gas station, the land under the post office, a working power station, and more. Tiller Elementary School, which closed in 2014, is for sale separately for $350,000. 

Believe it or not, potential buyers have come forward but offers are still being accepted. As for the remaining residents, they're understandably nervous about the future of the town they call home. For what it's worth, the broker for the deal claims the people who have an offer in "want to address this project with the community in mind."

Source: Associated Press

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