Couple First To Get Married At The Spam Museum

Mark Benson really, really loves Spam. So much in fact, the English man legally changed his middle name to "I Love Spam." With that in mind, Mark's now wife Anne Mousley surprised her boo with the wedding venue of a lifetime: Minnesota's Spam Museum. 

Hormel, the company that owns Spam, heard Mark and Anne's story and foot the bill for the entire event. There was the traditional cake, but also "spamitizers," which included doughnuts, cheesy pastry bites and sushi, all of which contained the canned meat.

That's not the end of their Spam story, either. Hormel is also sending Mark and Anne to Waikiki, Hawaii for the 15th annual Spam Jam food festival for their honeymoon. There will be live music, Spam merchandise and food stalls cooking up innovative recipes. The best part? The 'I Love Spam' Bensons will be presented as Spam Jam's guests of honor.

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