Aziz Ansari Is Protective Of Red States

Aziz Ansari may be one of "those Hollywood liberals," but he's has Southern roots. The comedian is from South Carolina and despite his political leanings, he is defensive of red states and the people who live there. 

As Ansari puts it, "When you say ‘red-staters,’ you’re saying, like, ‘dumb, racist people,’ and there are plenty of white people there who are not dumb, racist people."

He goes on to to figure that the reason why he's protective of the area and its people, despite being "one of two Indian families" growing up, is because that same generalizing happens to minorities, too. "It’s just people looking at you and being like, ‘You’re this. I know exactly what you are,'" he adds. "And you’re like, ‘Shut up! That’s not me. You don’t know me.’”

Source: Vulture 

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