Family Dog Finds Cat Alive Under Burnt House

This story is actually pretty amazing! Over two months ago a Michigan family lost their cat, Ringer, when their house went up in flames. And when they finally went back to the house for the first time, their dog, Chloe, found him alive and well under the rubble.

“This cat’s a miracle,” says Christine Marr, the owner of the pets. “This cat has been in this area for two months with no food or water. And Chloe just found him down in this hole.”

The family assumes Ringer was eating bugs and spiders under the house, where he was trapped. But it’s pretty incredible that firefighters couldn’t find the cat after looking in every nook and cranny, but Chloe sniffed him out right away! And aside from being a little underweight, Ringer is fine after his two-month ordeal.

Source: Fox News

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