Free Iowa Farmhouse. Must Pick Up

Roger Dolecheck and his wife are selling the old farmhouse on their Ellston, Iowa land. The craziest part? It's totally free, as long as you can go pick it up and move it yourself

The two-and-a-half floor, four-bedroom home is where the Dolechecks raised their family, but they've since built a new house on their property. “We just want it moved,” Roger explains. “We raised four children in it, and it was kind of fun. We had a blast in it.”

Roger posted an ad on Craigslist for the house, which has since been deleted. It's unclear if the Dolechecks have gotten an offer, or if the media attention has made it too hard to weed out the crazies. Either way, Roger says if the house isn't sold soon, they're going to tear it down. 

Source: Des Moines Register

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