A Man Has Taken His Dog On A 6K Mile Walk

Think you and your dog are best friends? Well Tom Turcich and his pooch Savannah are also travel companions. Tom, who's from New Jersey, was inspired to walk across all seven continents after a close friend died. While in Texas, he adopted Savannah. 

"After spending nearly every minute of every day with her, she's definitely my best bud," Tom says. "She walks every mile with me and always has energy left over at the end of the day."

Unfortunately, after more than 700 days on the road, Tom was sidelined by a bacterial infection. He's now on antibiotics and has no plans to stop his "World Walk," he's just postponing it.

"The World Walk is still all I think about," he wrote on Instagram. "It took me eight years from the idea’s conception to taking the journey’s first steps. So a few month illness is nothing more than a painful, unwanted detour."

Source: Stuff.Nz

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