Woman Banned From Restaurant For Complaining

A woman in Wales is fuming after being banned by a local restaurant. Apparently, Kelly Smith regularly visits Beefeater with her son, but managers would rather she not considering she complains about her meals all the time.

Does she? Well yes...Smith has admitted to complaining a handful of times in the last couple months, but the restaurant has been keeping track. They say her most recent complaints include her steak being undercooked, one time her son’s burger was “too tough for him to enjoy” and on another occasion she had to wait more than an hour for her meal.

Smith says she kept returning, despite the food mishaps because of the “welcoming” staff. Beefeater notes that she’s complained six out of the last seven times she visited so they’ve banned her via letter. “Keeping tabs on me is outrageous,” Smith says. “I don’t understand why no one spoke to me, rather than just banning me from the restaurant.”

  • Either way, the restaurant’s owners, have apologized to Smith in the statement for not being able to meet her “requirements in terms of the food quality and level of service provided” and maintain that they'd like her to “kindly refrain” from returning to the shop.

Source: South Wales Argus

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