Suburb Lifts 45-Year Ban On Ice Cream Trucks

Ice cream trucks are nothing new for a lot of towns, but they haven’t been seen or heard in Elgin, Illinois for 45 years because of a ban. But thanks to Jim Cremeens, a retiree who wanted to run an ice cream truck and started talking to his old pal Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain about lifting the ban, it’s finally happening and folks in this Chicago suburb are delighted.

The town’s first two ice cream trucks hit the streets this month and more people have applied for permits to join in the fun. Cremeens says he didn’t plan on the celebrity status he’s reached for bringing ice cream trucks back to Elgin, but people are pretty happy to hear that jingle-ly tune coming from the ice cream man’s truck. Everyone likes ice cream and as Cremeens points out, “For $2, a parent can make their child’s day.”

Source: Chicago Tribune

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