Chinese City To Open Walking Lane For Texters

If you’ve ever walked down a busy road - you’ve encountered them: texters. They walk face down into their phones, texting friends, answering emails and potentially bumping into you. Well a Chinese city has thought of a way to prevent this problem: building a pedestrian lane strictly for people on their phones.

The city of Xi’an in China has built a new footpath specifically for people using their cell phones. It’s got all the makings of a bike lane except a bit wider. It measures 330-feet long and 31-inches wide, which should be big enough for the pedestrians to walk without bumping into each other. There’s also images of a phone and the word “cellphones” in all caps plastered on the path to ensure that people know exactly where to be.

Some of the city’s residents are super into the idea, however others have pointed out that it’s not on a regular thoroughfare, rather near a parking lot. The path, which was built by a company Meixin, was actually intended to make people recognize how glued we are to our phones. Yet for now it’s really just a tourist attraction, which makes for people snapping photos of it ironically on their phones.

Source: BGR

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