Which Chips Have The Least Amount Of Air?

As much as we love chips, we can all agree that the fact that almost half the bag is air is the worst. We get it, it’s done for “packaging reasons” and we don’t want our chips to be crushed, but we would like more chips in all that space. So Kitchen Cabinet Kings did the research to find out which brands give us more snack for our money.

They bought 14 different chip brands and measured the air-to-chip ratio for each. To get a little technical, they used the water displacement method to measure air percentage, submerging the bags to calculate the amount of air left over in the bag vs. chip content.

Coming in first for most chips was Fritos, with just 19% air. And on the flip side was Cheetos, with 59% air in the bag. Here’s how all the chips measure out so you can shop accordingly.

  1. Fritos - 19% air
  2. Pringles - 28% air
  3. Tostitos Scoops - 34% air
  4. Lays Baked - 39% air
  5. Sun Chips - 41% air
  6. Lays - 41% air
  7. Popchips - 45% air
  8. Cape Cod - 46% air
  9. Kettle Brand - 47% air
  10. Doritos - 48% air
  11. TERRA - 49% air
  12. Stacy’s Pita Chips - 50% air
  13. Ruffles - 50% air
  14. Cheetos - 59% air

Source: Foodbeast

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