Police Investigate Suspicious Bag And Find Kittens

When Harris County, Texas’ Precinct 5 Constable’s office got a call for a suspicious bag on the median of a road, they were prepared to find something dangerous. The caller said the the bag was moving and was concerned.

Deputy Debra Albert went with authorities to inspect the item and, if necessary, protect the public from what was inside. There was no need. When she opened the bag, three kittens were inside! Albert brought the starving babies back to the substation and after feeding them, the kitties did what they do best: explore and cuddle. The Constable’s office shared photos of the cuties on Facebook.

They ultimately went with animal cruelty deputies, to the vet, and then to a temporary home (shelter). Thanks to the caller, they’ll have a chance at finding a forever home.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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