The French Fry Assault (Charges Filed)

A West London teen and his buddy are learning about the bad side of french fries - as in, what can happen when you skip eating them...and instead, shoot them through straws. That's the case for an unnamed 13-year-old who's been accused of shooting a McDonald’s French fry through a straw and hitting a woman in the face.

According to "The Sun," police spent months investigating, and the arrests were made. As for mom, she thinks the case is “ridiculous” saying, “I tried to put a chip in a McDonald’s straw. It doesn’t fit.” She also thinks it was a straw wrapper it was got fired...and that it was supposed to hit his friend.

Maybe so, but whatever happened that night, it led to a fight and now, of those charged...our 'straw shooter' got off with a warning, so did another pal...his other friend pleaded guilty, and the third is awaiting trial.

Source: The Sun

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