Soldier’s Lost Dog Found Months After Escaping

David Powell has been fostering two miniature Schnauzer puppies for an Army soldier serving his fifth tour of Iraq, but little Lola slipped through the fence of his Denver home two months ago. He was devastated and hated having to report to his friend that the dog trusted to his care was missing.

But now Powell is breathing a sigh of relief because Lola is back. He hired a pet detective, but that didn’t help find the missing pooch. Then he finally got a call from a microchip company saying lost Lola was found 15 miles away.

Now the foster dog dad has been able to share the good news with Lola’s owner in Iraq, who Powell says was “ecstatic” to hear about her return. And he’s working hard on that fence to make sure she doesn’t get out again.

Source: Fox News

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