Listener Email - My Veteran/My Husband

He came from nothing.  Dropped out of high school so he could work to support himself and his mom who was always ill.  She was never able to provide much for him. They barley had a place to live, much less had any food. The youngest of 3 brothers,  he stepped up and knew he had to do something with his life. His mom saw him hanging with the wrong crowd and headed down the wrong path. As the loving and caring mother she was, she sent him away to boot camp. There he learned a trade and some discipline. Unpon his return,  he still didn't have much luck finding a steady decent paying job. One day as he was walking out of T.E.C. he was approached by a U.S. Navy recruiter who tried to convince him of joining the military.  At the age of 18, long hair and no high school diploma, it had never crossed his mind. The best thing he ever did was tuck the business card in his wallet rather than toss it in the trash can. Several months later,  with no job, no money,  no future he took a chance and contacted the recruiter. He joined the Navy at age 19, served 23 years of active duty service. Several deployments, long working hours, missed birthdays and holidays, he is the best husband and father I could of ever asked for. He is such a compassionate, big hearted and loving person. He has sacrificed so much for our freedom and the life we are so very blessed to currently have. But of course, all his years served and several deployments come with a price of dealing with the daily struggle of PTSD. He is now a retired HMC (Chief Hospital Corpsman) of the U.S. Navy. We have been married for 20 years, have 2 amazing children, one beautiful granddaughter and another on the way.  My Veteran/My Husband HMC (Doc) Lambert!!!


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