Apartments For Dog Owners Only

It isn’t always easy for dog owners to find places to live, with more and more apartment buildings having no pet policies, but one Danish town is about to go the exact opposite route.

Frederikssund Municipality on the island of Zealand in eastern Denmark is about to get an apartment that will be available only to dog owners. Appropriately enough, the 18 apartments will be on a block to be called “Hundehuset” or the Dog House.

“There is demand from some dog owners who are tired of there being so many places where dogs are not allowed,” entrepreneur Niels Martin Viuff, the builder of the apartments, explains. “We want to meet the needs of dog owners. Many are very lonely.”

Lise Lotte Christensen, who works for the Danish Kennel Club, Denmark’s largest association for dog owners, helped design the apartments, which will feature stronger flooring and a pup bathing area in the garden. But even with that there will be some restrictions, with only dogs 99 pounds or under allowed, so the complex “won’t be crowded with dogs.”

As for other house animals, it seems cats will be allowed in the apartments as well, with a possible complex just for cat owners “on the drawing board.”

Source: New York Post

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