The Quadruple Coronary Bypass Burger

If you’re the kind of person who’s still hungry at the end of a meal, you may be down for this challenge. At The Vortex restaurant in Atlanta they’ve got a menu item called the Quadruple Coronary Bypass Burger and it is indeed as intense as it sounds. If you can finish the enormous sandwich on your own in one sitting, they’ll take care of the $80 bill. If not, hey, at least you’ll have leftovers. Only two people have ever taken down the 9,600 calorie burger and they were professional eaters!

So what are we talking? Here’s what makes up the Quadruple Bypass:

  • Eight slices of Texas toast
  • Four 4-ounce sirloin patties
  • Two 8-ounce sirloin patties
  • 28 slices of American cheese
  • Four fried eggs
  • 27 strips of bacon
  • And some grilled onions, mayo, and diner relish on top.

And how do you eat it? It’s basically four stacked burgers, but the “buns” are patty melts, with cheese and a patty in between. The architectural feat is supported with skewers and a pile of tater tots and fries and the whole thing is covered in “Cheesy-Cheese Goo,” so it’s gonna get messy no matter what.

Source: Delish

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