Survey: Millions Of Americans Hide Being Sick

As we get closer to cold weather season, more and more people will be coming to the office with coughs and sniffles, begging the question, why don’t people stay home when they are sick?

Well, a new survey by Mucinex finds that 63% of adults, or 153 million people, admit they would try to hide being sick out of a fear of missing out on things they wanted to do. Meanwhile, another 35% of people believe they’d be considered superheroes for coming to work despite being sick.

But let’s face it, most co-workers don’t want you around when you are coughing and hacking. In fact, 82% of Americans say they wish people battling cold and flu symptoms would just stay home.

  • The truth is, nobody likes being sick, and there are a lot of things people would be willing to do if it means not catching something. The survey finds that 47% of people would give up social media for a month if it meant they wouldn’t have cold and flu symptoms for the next five years, while 37% would give up ordering takeout for a year. And as awful as jury duty may be, 25% would be willing to serve every day for a month if it meant they wouldn’t get sick.

Source: Market Watch 

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