Siblings Get Married On Same Day To Save Money On Wedding

A brother and sister had both gotten engaged right around the same time and were planning their celebrations when they both decided that there had to be a way to save money on the wedding day. What they came up with certainly saved them money.

Andrea Walker, 31, and younger brotherChristopher Brennan, 28, came up with the idea to have back-to-back ceremonies and thus save themselves a boatload of money. 

The siblings even shared the costs of staging a joint wedding reception for more than 100 guests and saved around $6,145 per couple. They just got married last weekend and while Andrea, a trainee teaching assistant, tied the knot first with her boyfriend Matt Walker, just 30 minutes later her brother and his girlfriendAdelealso tied the knot. 

After pooling their resources, both couples were able to splurge out for a dream wedding at the posh Castle Hotel, in Tamworth, Staffs. 

They both admitted that it took a little getting used to the idea but that their dad was thrilled with it and couldn't have been happier for them both. 

Source:Fox News

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