Masked Singer Season Two Clues

It’s almost time for the second season of Fox’s hit celebrity singing competition, “The Masked Singer.” This time, the stars will be disguised as theSkeleton, Fox, Ice Cream, Eagle, Tree, Flamingo, Butterfly, Penguin, Leopard, Egg, Rottweiler, Flower, Thingamajig, PandaandBlack Widow.

Now, fans are getting the first clues about the celebs behind the masks.Here they are:

  • Skeleton:“I’ve got a bone to pick with any contestant who thinks they’re going to win this competition.” The clue also includes the number “4261,” which some fans think is a hint atChristopher Meloni’sbirthday: April 2nd, 1961.
  • Fox:“This superhero is ready to devour the competition.”Could it be an Avenger?
  • Ice Cream:“I may be sweet, but I’m here to lick the competition and ice cream float to the finale. … I’m made of sugar and dairy, and I live for half of February.”
  • Eagle:“If you know an eagle’s body temperature, you may be hot on my tail.”
  • Tree:“Security makes me feel like precious cargo.”
  • Flamingo:“I love this mask as much as I love mascara.”
  • Butterfly:“I’m flying high and ready to shake up the competition. … Are you ready to feel the Butterfly Effect?”
  • Penguin:“I’m bringing the heat, every time you think you’re getting warmer, I promise, you’re actually getting colder.”Could it beVanilla Ice?
  • Leopard:“The security here reminds me of the secret service. I should know, I’ve been spotted with the president.”Could it beOmarosa Manigault Newman?
  • Egg:“I belong on this stage more than I belong with bacon. As my mom always told me, life has an expiration date so always work hard for the first and last vowels of the alphabet. … I’m pro team.”
  • Rottweiler:“My bark is just as big as my bite. I’m a total perfectionist and I'm gonna be working my tail off to earn your puppy love.”Could it beBow Wow?
  • Flower:“I blossom in every field I plant myself in,” the flower said. “When I take this beautiful mask off, you will be blown away.”Could it be Blossom herself,Mayim Bialik?
  • Thingamajig:“Don’t call me Chewbacca but we do celebrate together.”
  • Panda:“[My bamboo is sweet], especially the way I prepare it.”
  • Black Widow:"I'm here to crawl my way to the top and spin a web around the competition. You can guess my identity all you want, but I'm going to leave you hanging by a thread until the very end."

“The Masked Singer” premieres on Wednesday, September 25th at 8pm ET.

Source:Us Weekly

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