Parents Take Over Daughters Social Media As Punishment

It's every teenager's dream to have their social media posts go viral. One Denton, Texas teenager has gone viral but it required the help of her parents.

Parents of a 15-year-old girl had found out earlier this month that their daughter had helped some boys sneak into a sleepover, so they gave her two choices for a punishment. They could take away her phone for a month or they could take away her phone for just two weeks, but they would have access to her social media accounts.

The girl opted for the latter and maybe she now wishes she just gave up her phone for the month. 

The parents areTawnya Fordand LarrySumpter, and since they've taken over their daughterMadelynn'sphone, they've posted all over TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. They have also created some of the most embarrassing, yet hilarious videos and posted them to her social media accounts. 

Those punishment videos are now going viral and Madelynn regretted her decision almost immediately. She even tried to switch her choice but her dad was having way too much fun.

At least she can say her social media accounts once went viral.

Source: Today

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