Man Obsessed With Cameras Names His Sons Canon, Nikon and Epson

Imagine being so obsessed with something that you name all your offspring after it. That's what 49-year-oldRavi Hongalof India did. Seems that he is a bit of a camera nut and is obsessed with photography. So obsessed, in fact, that he named his three sonsCanon,Nikon, andEpson.

The man says he even spent a small fortune on a three-story villa shaped like a giant camera. He says he spent around $95,000 on the home that is shaped like a giant vintage camera, complete with a lens-shaped window, flash, and even a giant SD card.

He says he's been obsessed with photography since childhood and while he wasn't always the best student in school, but he was a wiz with his Pentax and Zenit cameras shooting pictures. He was always confident he could make a living as a photographer and he was right. As business picked up, he opened his own studio and named it after his wife,Rani. Then, as his three sons were born, he named them after some of the most iconic camera brands in the history of photography. 

Source: AllAboutBelguam

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