RaeLynn Shares Sneak Peek Of 'She Chose Me' From Upcoming Album 'BAYTOWN'

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RaeLynn’s new album is almost here, but before fans can listen to the whole thing, she took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of one track that “hits close to home for me.”

The country singer-songwriter shared a snippet of “She Chose Me,” which she considers a prequel to “Love Triangle,” a song from her 2017 album WildHorse. RaeLynn was reflecting on the new song as she gets ready to debut BAYTOWN on September 24. The name of her upcoming album is a nod to RaeLynn’s Houston-area hometown. She said in the video she shared on Instagram:

“Well, I just got done listening to what I would call the prequel to ‘Love Triangle.’ This song, ‘She Chose Me,’ that I wrote, definitely hits home to me on another level. So, I’m gonna let you hear a little bit of it because I’m very emotional these days.”

RaeLynn smiled and mouthed along in the video as the song plays in the background: “That’s one hell of a choice to make / If it went the other way, nobody would have blamed her / Think of all the small town talk it would have saved her / She could’ve chosen one quick fix / To get her out of one big mess / She could have tied a different ribbon to the ending of the story / Could’ve kept her secret, gotten out before it / changed her life, she could have changed her mind / And changed everything / But she chose me”

RaeLynn’s upcoming album release isn’t the only milestone she’s celebrating this month. The “God Made Girls” singer welcomed her daughter Daisy Rae on September 8, becoming a family of three with husband Josh Davis. RaeLynn gushed at the time that she was “beyond thankful.”

Listen to RaeLynn’s sneak peek of “She Chose Me” here:

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