Tropicana Is Making Cereal For Orange Juice

Tropicana may be known for orange juice, but they’re now branching into another part of breakfast: cereal. And if you’re confused, don’t be – because college/bachelor jokes aside, “Tropicana Crunch” is (they say) the first-ever “cereal made for OJ.” Yup – no milk, just juice.

According to the company, the cereal is made of sweet honey almond clusters and is made to be “drowned in OJ.” And if you think this is totally out of left field, consider that a recent survey from Wakefield Research claims that 15-million Americans have already tried the cereal/orange juice combination. Not only that, 52-million are either willing to try it or already have because they thought it would taste good

“Orange juice on cereal. Some call it weird. Some call it breakfast. We… didn’t even know it was a thing,” Tropicana offers. “But turns out, there are totally normal people. amongst us juicing up their cereal bowls. You might be one of them!” Find out more about Tropicana Crunch cereal at the dedicated website. When can you try it? On Orange Juice Day, which is May 4th.

Source: Hypebeast

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