Got Milk Campaign Takes Jab At Non-Dairy

Remember the “Got Milk” ads for good old cow’s milk that featured famous faces with milk mustaches? Well the dairy industry is back with another one, but this time it’s a spoof campaign starring Aubrey Plaza and it’s taking a swipe at other plant-based milks. But this time, that plant is a tree.

These days you can get milk made out of everything from almonds to peas, but have you ever seen Wood Milk in the grocery store? Nope, because it’s not a real thing, but this clever commercial goes all in on it anyway. The Wood Milk ad begins with Plaza standing in a woodsy area, dressed in flannel, and asking, “Have you ever looked at a tree and thought: ‘Can I drink this?’”

There’s even a Wood Milk website that keeps the joke going. The “Our Story” page reads, “We think our artisanal blend of trunks, roots and branches will be the only milk you want to drink for the rest of your life.” And in the ad, it’s not until the end that Plaza asks, “Is Wood Milk Real?” She then answers with, “Absolutely not. Only real milk is real.” And that’s where the “Got Milk” tagline finally reveals itself.

Source: The Takeout

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