Most Americans Hate, And Fight About, Household Chores

Cleaning and household chores are a fact of life, but there’s no doubt they can cause stress, and even arguments, between partners, family and even friends.

A new Task Rabbit survey finds that 46% of Americans have gotten into an argument over “the right way” to clean things, while 78% have had a general fight about household chores. As for some of the things people fight about, 41% have argued over the need to declutter, which seems to be a huge issue for married couples (45%), over those who are unmarried or uncommitted (30%).Other things people argue about include:

  • Cleaning the shower drain (30%)
  • The right way to assemble furniture (27%)
  • The best way to fold laundry (23%) 

But let’s face it, fights could be happening because most Americans hate doing chores. It seems cleaning the bathroom is the chore people hate the most (63%), followed by yard work (43%) and cleaning up after the pet (42%).Other chores people dislike include:

  • Laundry (31%)
  • Vacuuming (31%
  • Replacement tasks like changing a light bulb (23%)

Source:Yahoo Finance

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