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Granger Smith Country Things, Vol. 1

Granger Smith Country Things, Vol. 1

Granger Smith’s new album is out now! It's called Country Things, Vol. 1. Part one of his 10th studio album, this eight-song volume gives a glimpse of he and his family’s current country state-of-mind, including a guest appearance from his good pal Earl Dibbles Jr.

Smith says “I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to release new music! I’m so proud of these songs and the stories they reflect from my life. I really believe it’s my best album yet. Roll the windows down and crank it up!”

The first volume of the album from the born-and-bred Texan initially started back in early 2019. Smith was writing and creating and prepping for his 10th studio album when the unexpected passing of his son River struck and all of those plans abruptly came to a halt. Smith decided to let his music do the healing not only for himself, but for anyone who needs to hear songs that let them know they’re not alone on whatever road they’re taking. With that new way of looking at life, Smith went back to work on the album he had been planning. 

Split into two albums but painting one whole picture, this album is meant to be listened to like a rollercoaster ride. It has highs and lows and, in the end, leaves the listener satisfied. With songs such as “Hate You Like I Love You,” a mid-tempo song, and while the title may sound like a contradiction, it really makes total sense. They say the opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference. Hate is actually a close relative of love. It takes the same passion and the same extreme emotional effort to hate as it does to love. This song shows the struggle of turning love into hate as a last resort to get over an unreciprocated love. Accompanying this song is the title track “Country Things.” Just as it sounds, this song lists an array of “country things” that hold true to what brings peace and a sense of home for Smith and his family. With an ode to heroes from military to nurses, “Heroes” is a song that pays respect to those who fight daily for our freedom and health with a fresh outlook no matter the circumstance. The album even includes a song called “Country & Ya Know It” and is exactly what the listener would expect to close out this first volume - a take on the popular kids’ song “If You’re Happy And You Know It”….with Earl Dibbles Jr.

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