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This article has been shared with me many times and it warms my heart, because you are thinking of us and our journey. What I think is crazy are the negative comments that say "after ALL THAT PAIN etc etc why didn't they just adopt etc etc" Until you are there making ANY of those decisions with your spouse/partner just keep scrolling. Why even leave any kind of negativity?  Do you know how many lengthy conversations any couple has had? Do you know how many prayers have been prayed? Do you know how many times they have talked to their pastor? Do you know how many tears have been shed? Do you know how many times she has called her mom and sister to talk about this? Do you know?

Personally for us it has been a lot to all of those questions AND we have also gone to an adoption oreintation and do know that being an adoptive parent will be another huge blessing. But who is to say which path we take is wrong? Jason and I are very excited about IVF and future adoption. 

1 in 8 women struggle with infertiltiy. Can't we just be a positive voice for all? Can't we just say "You are gong to be an incredible mother and fabulous parents" instead of writing some kind of bull mess about how much pain and money was spent. I don't get it. 

When I decided to share my journey, like many before me, I am honest and open. Thankfully I have had nothing but love and positivity and for that Jason and I are thankful. To the couple who endured 452 needles, I can't wait to see your precious babies. Sending much love to ya'll!

by the way, next Thursday we go to SA for a sonogram to see how things are progressing after taking the Birth Control (which I have hated the mood swings and depression. Hormones are no joke!)  We will also learn how to mix the meds and to peform the injections. That will be Jason's "job", I don't think I can do it! On Saturday the 25th, we start our injections with more sonograms. The week of March 6 we will do egg retrival! woot! 

xoxo #Baby02017



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