SORRY! I have been meaning to post an update since Saturday, but a lot has changed and that is exciting! When we were in San Antonio on Saturday we did find out that I had a lot of follicles and things were progressing nicely. We also found out that my thyroid number had dropped significantly in just a matter of 3 days!!!!!  BLESSING and an answered prayer. I had not changed anything or started my higher dosage of thyroid medicine. That was God working! No other explanation. So wonderful! So that right there was very exciting.

We had to let the follicles mature for a couple of more days, but I was dang near outta medicine. The meds come from California and we only had a week's worth to begin with. With it being the weekend, the pharmacy is closed in CA and we don't live in SA, it was gonna be a pain to try and get them by 5 am on Monday morning. Before a huge-massive panic started to set in I remembered that a mutual friend of ours had just wrapped up her IVF treatment. I text her and asked if she had what I needed. Guess what!? SHE DID! SHE HAD EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED. The EXACT vials of the medicine and two of those! Thank you God! She had been saving them for me for a 'just in case' well, that case was here and I needed those. I text her again that she was our angel and she said "Aw everything happens for a reason and HIS timing is perfect. Just glad we could help" Now her and her husband are a part of story, forever. GOD IS GOOD! Our Faith and Trust in Him has grown and been tested. Jason and I never once said that we could do this on our own. We quickly learned that. 

Ok, so now it's Monday evening and I had the sonogram and blood test to check my estrogen level early this morning, which is at 2000! I also have 30 follicles growing! Why my stomach hurts. That is crazy to me! I have 17 in my left ovary and in my right I have 13 that are measuring 20mm. THAT IS FANTASTIC! 

We got the phone call this afternoon with some incredible news. Remember last week when I posted that we might have to do a Frozen Embryo Transfer bc my thyroid was too high? Well, that has changed. Check out our video we did right after we got off the phone. If all things go as planned we will be doing FRESH transfer Saturday morning.  I will get my TSH checked Wednesday morning before retrieval. God, please I pray that is still low enough to move forward with the transfer. If not, I will be sad, but I will be ok

All of this seemed to moving at snail's pace, until Today. Now, it's moving lightning fast!

A friend in my Life Group sent me this this morning of all mornings! Little did she know what was to come.

1 Samuel 1:20 And in due time Hannah conceived and bore a son, and she called his name Samuel, for she said " I have asked for him from the Lord" 

Thank you for continually praying for us

With Love and gratitude, Team O



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