IVF Update 3/14/17 - I am tired

ohhh weeeee I am T I R E D and my boobs are so sore! I took as much rest as I could. It takes a lot of moving parts to take off of work, so I just came back to work. I could have lounged the whole week. That's the thing, you want to be as relaxed as you possibly can be and you want to be STRESS FREE. 

I am taking a progesterone insert and will continue to do so until I am 11 weeks pregnant. God willing! "The progesterone is necessary for uterine lining or endometrium to thicken. This helps prepare a supportive environment in your uterus for a fertilized egg." It is def a MUST, but it makes me sore etc. Soon my body should be adjusting to the 'extra' hormones. I'm also wearing an Estrogen patch. 

I had some pretty intense nightmares last night. 4 seperate ones. The kind that make you sweat and breath hard. I finally had to wake Jason up to calm down. Bless his heart. He's just as tired taking care of me and the house and the chores ETC. 

I've been resting and sleeping as much as I can and watched a lot of Netflix and cuddled with my Tups. He's also earned some new nicknames; Sir Licks A Lot, Tupzilla, and Tupedo. He runs 85mph and jumps on ya! You better have your defense ready. Then he will curl right up and just love on you.

Jason has been incredible as well. I tear up just thinking about how much I love him and how thankful I am for him. Thank you honey for treating me like your Queen.

I take my next hormone test on the 20th and Pregnancy Test on 27th. Time is draggin!

This week I will also share the video of the transfer of "the shooting stars"

God is GOOD

xoxo #TeamO #babyo2017 



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