Eating BOOGERS is good for you

Don't shoot the messenger - BUT Boogers are HEALTHY for you according to scientist at Harvard and MIT. I mean it's HARVARD and MIT! 

Scientists from Harvard and MIT just released the results of a study that found parents should NOT discourage their kids from picking their noses and possibly eating what they find . . . because it's a, quote, "rich reservoir of good bacteria."

 I love that quote - did you ever think to yourself ...mmmm that sure is a good supply of good bacteria.

article goes on to say that when you eat your mucus, (yup, eating your mucus) it prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth.  And the good bacteria you're digesting can help fight against everything from ulcers to HIV. 

That sure is a HUGE range of illnesses. 

alrigh, so the moral of this story is parents, its cool if your kids chow down on their boogers, maybe even for us adults that sit at the red light diggin for gold. Instead of flicking it out the window, which always gets stuck and then you are flailing your arm around out the window to knock boogers off your finger and you can' you can just eat it and take care of your health.

AND one last thing, now they are making a toothpaste and gum made out of a synthetic mucus to help you get the nose picking benefits. 

(from the Telegraph)



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