Cooking with CoCo

It's been several weeks that I wrapped up the The Vine Juice Company with great results and after that I had a huge jumpstart to eat right and get with the program! I am the Queen of falling off the "diet wagon" I can admit that to you. My food addiction and cravings are something else. I have admitted to you before that I have gone to the drive through and ordered food, but acted like there were more people with me or that I was picking up a large order and it was only just me. WOW. I am happy to tell you that it has been a long time since I have done that. Thank God! 

ok so back to the after the cleanse....It's been 3 weeks and Jason and I have been eating Keto and Low Carb. GAME CHANGER. I know that for some this will not be your go to on how to  eat, but for me and my family it is helping me feel a lot better. I have gut issues, inflammation, my feet are so jacked, my hormones are outta whack, I am recovering from gaining weight and feeling crazy after the hormone injections with IVF and the miscarriage. I am coming from the DARK SIDE PEOPLE! WOOT! I've also started taking a new supplement called Keto//os.  My favorite thing is the appetite suppresant. Which, I do know that for some that is not what you wanna do, but for me it is helping drastically. Message me for my before and afters. 

Anyway this went from sharing this delish recipe I cooked for friends and Jason last night and it was delicious. We all went back for seconds and didn't tell the guys that the rice was cauliflower! That is a plus. 

Do you have a favorite low carb substitute.



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