Is It Time For The DIXIE CHICKS To Change Their Name?

Is It Time For The DIXIE CHICKS To Change Their Name?

Is It Time For The DIXIE CHICKS To Change Their Name?

Lady Antebellumrecently dropped Antebellum from their name because of the negative connotations of the word, and now someone is arguing that the Dixie Chicks need to make some changes as well.

An op-ed in “Variety” asks whether the band should rethink their name with journalist Jeremy Helligar detailing the band’s controversial history of calling out George W. Bush after he ordered the invasion of Iraq. The writer then calls out the “grand irony of the hoopla that ensued” by pointing out that the word “Dixie,” “in some ways, represents up-with-whiteness more flagrantly than Bush…”

While the band’s name comes from the Little Feet album “Dixie Chickens,” Helliger argues that some believe the word Dixie comes from the Mason-Dixon line that unofficially separated the free states from the slave states of the Confederacy. “Regardless of its origin, for many Black people, it conjures a time and a place of bondage,” he writes. “This is a discussion we need to have, and they should be a part of it."

Adding to the irony, he notes that those who would likely defend the use of Dixie as “an expression of appreciation for the modern South, not the Confederate South,” are probably the same people who condemned the band over the Bush comments.

Finally he adds, “With the country in the middle of a racial inferno and the release of “Gaslighter” a month off, the Dixie Chicks’ name could end up fanning even more flames than the title of their comeback album.” 

Should they change it?

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