Easier Than Filing Taxes

Most people dread it, but everyone has to face it, tax time is here. There are only about eight weeks until everyone’s tax returns need to be submitted, and there are a lot of people who’d be willing to endure anything else other than filling out their annual forms.

A new survey finds that 53% of American’s lack confidence when it comes to accurately filing their taxes on their own, although 73% are confident about filing using a computer or online tax software.

But doing your taxes isn’t easy, and a lot of Americans think there are few things tougher than getting them filed correctly. In fact, while most Americans are addicted to their smartphones these days, 28% of people actually believe it would be easier to go without their phone for a week than do their taxes.

Other things that people think are easier than filing taxes include:

  • Locating constellations in the sky at night (27%)
  • Going without a car for a week (23%)
  • Memorizing all of the U.S. presidents in order (18%)
  • Learning to play an instrument (13%)
  • Learning a new language or hotwire a car (12%)
  • Learning to write code (11%)

Source: The Business Journal

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