Taco Truck Serves Lunch To People Stuck In Traffic

This probably wouldn't work in Corpus Christi, since traffic jams aren't nearly this severe. Cool story, though.

If you're going to get stuck in a lunch time traffic jam, hope the people at El Tajin taco truck are stuck with you. In case you missed it, a overturned tanker brought traffic on a Seattle interstate to a standstill. That's when El Tajin opened up and served their fellow drivers food. 

“I got out and was walking around, and I see this lady walking back to her car with a to-go box,” Rachael McQuade, who was stuck in traffic for three hours, explains. “What do you do in a time like that? You got to make the best of it, right?”

As El Tajin truck owner Thomas Lopez explains, "we are ready to serve food, everywhere."

Source: Seattle Times

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