Cereal Milk Ice Cream

Are you one of those people who slurp up every last bit of milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl? And do you love ice cream as well? Well, Ben & Jerry’s just introduced a product that is perfect for you.

In honor of National Cereal Day, which was yesterday, the company just launched “Cereal Splashbacks," ice cream inspired by the milk left behind in your cereal bowl. The product comes in three flavors, Fruit Loot (which is Froot Loops flavored), Frozen Flakes (i.e. cornflake milk), and Cocoa Loco, which is cocoa-puffed flavored, with all three featuring swirls of their corresponding cereal.

According to Ben & Jerry’s “Flavor Guru” Eric Fredette, “Cereal Splashbacks” are designed to bring folks "back to the prize-at-the-bottom-of-the-box days, watching Saturday morning cartoons in pajamas."

Source: Today

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