Woman's Hair Measures 90-Inches-Long

Aliia Nasyrova is a real life Rapunzel. The woman from Riga, Latvia has been growing out her hair from 20 years and it's officially reached 90-inches-long. 

As you might imagine, having a mane that long is not exactly easy. The 4.5-pounds of hair takes an entire day to air dry and an hour to brush through. It even takes up it's own space in the bed, which isn't always easy for Aliia's hubby, Ivan Balaban

“I am always cuddling up the wall to give more space for hair, so there is no way I can damage it accidentally, mix them up or harm it any other way," Ivan explains, adding that he sees his wife's hair as another family member. “I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit."

Source: Barcroft 

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